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Case study - Trauma Insurance

It's not every day your life and identity get turned upside down to the point where you have to re-invent yourself. Tragedy doesn't aim for bad people, it just lies itself out and takes no prisoners.

I'm a 39 year old Professional that had the life most people only get to dream about. A beautiful extraordinary wife, three dynamic children, a career that I love to death and would do even if I didn't get paid, a mansion for a home, overseas get the picture. My wife and I worked really hard for many years to achieve it. We took some big risks along the way and needed a clear vision to keep us steering in the right direction. There are no accidents in success!

When my beautiful wife developed secondary liver metastatic disease (following the original breast primary), my world, the kids' world, my professional world, all got tipped upside down and proceeded to explode into pain and desperation. Losing my life partner was so unpredictable it seems more likely we would get hit by a random asteroid.

We are getting on with a new life now. Having the right insurance was critical for this to occur. I was a workaholic and loving it because I had my partner's support at home. I needed to be at home to be super mum and super dad. Insurance allowed me to change lanes. I backed off to 4 half days a week of work so I could transport, feed, love and listen to my three precious children. One child needed time off school because the grief was so intense. Without harping on it, if I had poor insurance, I couldn't have been there for her when she needed me most.

It was enough of a tragedy losing my best friend. That pales when I think of the disaster of not being able to help my children with losing their mum and losing the security of the family unit we had. Without the insurance payout we would be living a much different reality than we are. You can never plan too much or protect your life and lifestyle too much. Trust me, I know.....MT

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