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What is Financial Independence

Financial Independence means that we own investments capable of generating sufficient income to support us for life.

When we work within a strategy capable of realising that objective, it also means that we know that we can afford next year’s school fees for the children, replace the family car when required, take that long planned holiday, etc. etc.  We become our own master capable of supporting our families without reliance upon the goodwill of the bank manager, the government, our neighbours and family or the boss in our later working years.

We have all spent up to 19 years learning basic communication, social and technical skills and a further 3 to 10 years learning vocational skills.

All of which were dedicated at helping us participate in society and earn a living.  Not one minute was devoted to teaching us how to best manage that income, evaluate and quantify our needs and goals and or plan and take the action necessary to realize them.

Little wonder then that the attainment of financial independence has been and remains a dream for most.

Speak to your financial coach at FAAR regarding bridging the gap between wishing and having!




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