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Finance is More than Just a Mortgage

“The only source of knowledge is experience”                 
(Albert Einstein)

The market is flooded with finance options offering “this best deal” and “that better deal”, but when you set out looking to select a loan you may feel as though you are drowning in information and misinformation.

 As a lay person it is very difficult to compare one product against another when each lender uses different terms and when the critical aspects of the underlying terms and conditions of a loan are often in the small print – not in the marketing material.

Getting The Foundations Right

You need a professional working on your behalf to help you find the best match between the finance options available and your specific circumstances and needs.  You don’t want to be worrying about whether that advice is based on which loan provides the most return to the person you are dealing with.

At FAAR the staff will explain why it is so important to structure your loans correctly from the beginning and will help you put in place a solid foundation, capable of dramatically decreasing the total cost/length of the mortgage on your own home as well as supporting the purchase of rental properties.

Some of the other key aspects of property finance FAAR will explore with you include:

Cross-Collateralisation – Your existing lender will most likely require all of your properties to be mortgaged together as security for your outstanding loans and FAAR will demonstrate how financing your properties separately can provide maximum lending flexibility.  

Terms And Conditions Of Loans – As with everything, the devil is usually in the detail and therefore the type of loan that you chose needs to be one that reflects your long term strategy not just the loan that the lender makes the most money from.

Protecting Your Lifestyle & Investments

Most people insure valuable items such as their house or car, but many people don’t protect themselves against the devastating effect of losing their income – the source of all the payments that support their lifestyle.  A well planned investment strategy needs to incorporate adequate risk management and preventative measures including appropriate insurance.

A Legal Will & Enduring Power Of Attorney

A Will - sets out who will receive the proceeds of your estate and looks after your children.   If you do not have a valid will the Government decides what happens with your estate. 

An Enduring Power of Attorney & An Advanced Health Directive - ensures someone you trust looks after your affairs should something untoward happen, including if you loose mental capacity.

Maximising Depreciation & Tax Deductions

When speaking to a Senate Inquiry in 1991 Kerry Packer said “Anyone who pays more tax than he needs to is a bloody idiot”.  There are many legitimate strategies for minimising tax, including the following options that relate specifically to rental properties.
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