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The Latte Factor

Can I afford to buy a rental property?

We may not like to admit it but we waste small amounts of money every day and never give a second thought as to how much it all adds up to.

If you were asked could you save an additional $4,000 per year ($5-10 per day), your answer would quiet likely be:  “Not likely - I am barely making ends meet right now."

However, if like most of us you enjoy the simple pleasure of having a latte or cappuccino per day and perhaps a muffin or cake on the side and think nothing of it, let me show you something that will amaze you. 

Let’s say for the sake of argument that today, this very day, you started to save money. I am not saying you cut out all your spending – just that you reduce it a little - say you realised that you could save $5-10 per day?


A Latte a Day = $ 5.00
A Latte a Day for a Month = $ 150.00
A Latte a Day for a Year = $ 1,825.00
A Latte a Day for a Decade = $ 18,250.00

What else do people waste money on?

What about cigarettes?

Cigarettes are taxed so heavily that a pack now costs more than $15.00.

A Pack a Day = $ 15.00
A Pack a Day for a Month = $ 450.00
A Pack a Day for a Year = $ 5,475.00
A Pack a Day for a Decade = $ 54,750.00

These two examples should suffice.  I’m not picking on coffee or cigarettes.  It’s just maths.

The point is whether you waste money on fancy coffee, bottled water, cigarettes, soft drinks, chocolate bars, fast food or whatever it happens to be – we all have a Latte Factor.

We all throw away too much of our hard-earned money on unnecessary ‘little’ expenditures without realising how much they can add up to.

The sooner you figure out your Latte Factor – that is, identify those unnecessary expenditures – the sooner you can start eliminating them. And the sooner you do that, the more money you will be able to put aside.  And the more extra money you can put aside the larger the fortune you will wind up amassing.

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