It makes sense to hire an expert - and even more sense to learn from them!

Our Point of Difference

“Give a man fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to catch fish and he can feed himself for life.”

FAAR is not a run of the mill company – we don’t just offer a one off, set-it-and-forget-it approach to our clients when it comes to building wealth. 

We don’t push a particular company and its products.  We help you understand the options, we assist you in evaluating the products that match your specific needs and then, once you have decided what you want to do and which product you want to use, we facilitate the process for you.

At FAAR we understand that if you are currently buying your own home the loan you are most likely to have on that property is either a traditional principle and interest loan or possibly an offset loan.  We also know that in order to make the most of the loan facilities available in the market today to accelerate the repayment of the mortgage on your own home, as well as the building of your rental property portfolio, you may need to make some adjustments to the way you think about and manage your household finances.  Unlike others we are here to help you through that process.

We are committed to assisting you to achieve your property acquisition goals and we consider we are building a long term partnership to help you move forward in a way and at a pace that is just right for you.  All long term relationships involve some work and our relationship starts with a formal assessment of your current financial position prior to the evaluation of what may best fit with your specific financial, lifestyle and investment goals and priorities.

If you want to build wealth through property it is essential that you get the foundations right – that you structure your financial affairs in the way that will best help you achieve your goals without you continuously having to go back and change how things are organised in the future.  It is our aim at FAAR to assist you to do this.

In the end finance is only one of the foundation stones to creating wealth through property.  It is just as important to ensure that your assets and family are adequately protected so that if anything unforseen happens your financial security is not put in jeopardy.  Additionally setting, regularly reviewing and keeping to your financial goals is a fundamental part of building sufficient wealth to provide for your lifestyle – especially in retirement. 

It is our practice to work with you every step of the way including formally reviewing your progress each six months to help you make sure you are keeping on track and to provide additional advice and coaching should you need it.

These are some of the things that differentiate us from other companies and, assuming that this is the type and level of service and expertise you are seeking, we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial, long term relationship with you.

For further information or a consultation please do not hesitate to Contact FAAR