It makes sense to hire an expert - and even more sense to learn from them!

Many companies outperform others within their own profession.
The hard part is trudging through the maze of many to find the few who suit you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide ongoing innovative financial risk management to our existing and prospective clients so each individual can make effective and strategic decisions concerning their immediate and future financial status.

Our focus is results orientated, practical and cost effective.

Selecting the right solution can improve your financial outlook and quality of life, although with such a wide selection of products in the market, you stand a better chance of making the right decision if you discuss the issue with FAAR BEFORE you make a choice.

Our Role

Our role is to maintain our position as a knowledgeable source of information.

We have established a referral base to incorporate any evolving law amendments and or enhancements such as the recently introduced National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP) lending guidelines established under ASIC which was introduced on 1st July 2010.

Our Belief

Our deep seeded belief is; should any financial and or related need arise our clients and prospective clients need a reliable professional panel to access. Due to our 40 some years’ experience in the finance industry, we have been applauded for these same referrals, thus giving rise to this website reference.

Therefore, we boast a quality panel of professionals ready to provide you with financial, accounting, legal and asset protection advice. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our professionals’ experience.

Our extensive range of services includes the following, together with understanding your life goals and developing financial strategies and professionally qualified referrers to support them.


‘Client today, Friend for life.’




For further information or a consultation please do not hesitate to Contact FAAR

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